Master of Divinity & Master of Business Administration Dual Degree

Campbell University Divinity School and Campbell University’s Lundy-Fetterman School of Business are pleased to offer the dual MDiv/MBA program. The dual MDiv and MBA program is offered to ministers and other interested persons who desire to complement and integrate their theological education with a foundation in business administration. Students who desire to serve as pastors, associate pastors, church administrators, or staff members in larger churches may desire greater business management training along with theological education. Bi-vocational ministers may also benefit from the knowledge gained in this dual degree program.

The Master of Divinity is a 90 semester hour program, and the Master of Business Administration is a 37 hour program – were the two degrees to be pursued separately, one would need to earn 127 hours of academic credit. In the dual program, however, up to 12 hours of the MBA coursework are incorporated into the 90 hours of the Master of Divinity degree, and up to 9 hours of the MDiv coursework are incorporated into the 37 hours of the Master of Business Administration degree. The total minimum number of combined semester hours required is 106, reducing the overall work load by 21 hours. A full-time student can expect to finish the two degrees in four years of study.

Why get an MBA with a MDiv?

  • Understand how to manage and motivate people
  • Understand and interpret financial statements
  • Learn better financial decision making
  • Learn techniques for getting the word out about your ministry programs
  • Practice strategic planning and decision making
  • Avoid legal and ethical problems
  • Improve your understanding of the environment in which you operate – how do economic, cultural, technological and global changes impact your work?
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Applicants must meet the admissions requirements for both the Campbell University Divinity School MDiv program and the Lundy-Fetterman School of Business MBA program. Students must apply to and be accepted into both programs before courses can be taken that will apply to both programs. Each school’s policies and procedures will apply to students enrolled in its degree program.

Divinity School Admission Requirements

A four-year bachelor’s degree with a minimum 2.5 grade point average on a 4.0 scale from a regionally accredited university or college, three references, statement of faith and calling, church recommendation, submission of transcripts and admission interview.

Requirements for Master-level programs


Business School Admission Requirements

A four-year bachelor’s degree with a minimum grade point average of 2.8 on a 4.0 scale, two years work experience, and a minimal score of 450 on the Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) or 300 on the Graduate Record Examination (GRE). Should a student not have an undergraduate business major, additional courses may be taken to satisfy the admissions requirements.

Applicants meeting certain work experience and education requirements may be considered for a GMAT/GRE Waiver. Click here for the GMAT/GRE Waiver Eligibility Requirements and Application Form.


MBA Admissions Requirements


Tuition and Fees

Tuition and fees for each program are handled by the individual school. Students will matriculate in and pay tuition fees to each school. Financial aid availability is dependent on the regulations of each school.

Tuition and Fee Information


Master of Divinity & Master of Business Administration Dual Degree Curriculum

Master of Divinity Component

Course Name Credit Hours
DIVI 1000 Intro to Theological Education 3
DIVI 1100/1101 New Testament I & II 6
DIVI 1200/1201 Old Testament I & II 6
DIVI 2000 Church History I 3
DIVI 2002 or 2003 Church History II 3
DIVI 2200 Christian Theology 3
DIVI 5400 Pastoral Care, OR DIVI 5600 Counseling & Christian Ministry 3
DIVI 4000 Christian Worship 3
DIVI 4300 Ministry of Preaching 3
DIVI 3000 Evangelistic Mission of the Church, OR DIVI 3200 Christian Missions, OR DIVI 3250 World Religions 3
DIVI 5100 Congregational Leadership** 3
DIVI 2400 Christian Ethics** 3
DIVI 8050 Supervised Ministry** 3
DIVI 4070 Worship & Spiritual Formation 1
DIVI 8040 Life and Work of the Minister 3
DIVI 9090 Senior Synthesis 3
Approved Theology Elective 3
Bible Language/Bible Book Courses* 6
Preaching Elective 3
Spiritual Formation Electives 2
Ministry Electives 6
General Electives 9
MDiv Hours Taken 78
MBA Hours Credited to MDiv 12
Total Hours Credited to MDiv 90

Master of Business Administration Component

Course Name Credit Hours
MBA 700 Orientation to Innovation, Design Thinking and the CU MBA 1
MBA 710 Accounting for Decision Making 3
MBA 720 Applied Economics for Business Leaders 3
MBA 730 Finance & Capital Management 3
MBA 740 Communication & Critical Thinking for Ethical Decision Making 3
MBA 750 Organizational Culture in a Changing Environment 3
MBA 760 Business Analytics 3
MBA 770 Digital and Contemporary Marketing Strategies 3
MBA 780 Global Supply Chain Management 3
MBA 790 Strategic Management “Live Case” Seminar (21-hour pre-requisite) 3
Recommended electives are listed on the MBA website ( and are available from the Director of the MBA program.  
The following Master of Divinity courses may be selected for up to 9 hours of credit toward the Master of Business Administration:  
DIVI 5100 Congregational Leadership  
DIVI 2400 Christian Ethics  
DIVI 8050 Supervised Ministry  
MBA Hours Taken 28
Additional MBA Hours Taken, or MDiv Electives Credited to MBA 9
Total Hours Credited to MBA 37

* Students who desire to graduate with languages must complete a minimum of 9 hours of Greek and Hebrew, including a minimum of 3 hours in each language.
** These courses may be credited toward MBA electives (up to 9 hours).
*** Successful completion of 12 hours from the MBA required courses will be credited as Divinity electives to meet Master of Divinity requirements and will be listed on the Divinity School transcript.

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Campbell University Divinity School
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