3+3 Program

The Campbell University Department of Christian Studies and Campbell University Divinity School are partnering together to offer the opportunity for students to complete the requirements for both a BA in Christian Studies and a Master of Divinity in as little as six years, rather than the minimum of seven years normally required.

This program, from the undergraduate to graduate level, is holistic and integrative in nature. The fundamental academic and practical ministry components fo the undergraduate Christian ministries degree are built upon further in the Master of Divinity program. At the graduate level, students will dig deeper into theological studies, continue to be formed spiritually, and learn the practical skills needed for ministry in the twenty-first century.

Individuals who are passionate about their faith, want to learn more about Christian studies, and feel a call to serve others are encouraged to consider this program. Obtaining a BA in Christian Studies and a Master of Divinity would prepare an individual for a wide variety of vocational ministries including, but not limited to, pastoral/congregational ministry, denominational ministry/service, missions, non-profit ministry, and chaplaincy.

To meet the requirements for both degree programs, students must complete all General College Curriculum requirements plus the core of the Christian Studies major in their first three years, followed by three years of study in the Master of Divinity program. Based on the current structure, students will be eligible for graduation from the BA program following completion of the first year of the Master of Divinity program.

Benefits of the 3+3 program include a shorter timeline to complete both degrees, cost effectiveness, continued fellowship in the Campbell community, and better streamlined preparation for ministry.

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