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Specific Needs

Hispanic Theological Education ($5,000)

Up to 60 students from a variety of Latin American countries attend theological classes in Spanish on Saturdays at the Divinity School. They pay minimal tuition fees, and purchase books, meals, and gas as part of their commitment. Since the program began in 2002, donors have provided gifts to subsidize the program and keep it affordable for all students. This amount will cover the costs of the program for one semester.

Church Music Program Support and Endowment ($250,000)

This named funding opportunity helps continue church music program growth and equip church music students to serve the local church. The program will be enhanced by developing a choral music library, provide opportunities for students to train with professional conductors and clinicians, and by allowing students to participate in mission-immersion trips. A part-time Special Events Coordinator will also be hired to oversee the Divinity School Festival Choir, as well as the Overture Music and Worship conference in Sampson County.

Emergency Assistance ($100-$1,000)

Crisis strikes during the year in the personal lives of our students. Emergency assistance to help them pay for a medical emergency or car repairs can make the difference in the student being able to stay in school. These funds may also help part-time students in need of assistance.

Endowed Scholarship ($25,000)

This is a wonderful opportunity to start a scholarship for students in need. Interest on the endowed amount will help lower tuition expenses for our students.

Bible Lands Study Tour Assistance ($250,000)

One of the most life-changing experiences for our students, supporters, and others connected to our school is the opportunity for them to walk where Jesus walked, visit the sites of the seven churches of Revelation, and other prominent places throughout the Bible. Opportunities to tour Greece and Turkey, as well as Israel are also available annually.

Divinity School Retreat Center ($1 Million and/or Donation of an Existing Facility)

The Campbell Divinity School is interested in establishing a fund for a retreat/conference center that would assist us in providing short-term housing for commuting Masters and Doctorate divinity students from Virginia, South Carolina, and North Carolina. In addition, this named facility could provide opportunities for week-long intensive study programs that would include community-building through meals, etc. An endowment would provide for this facility and handle maintenance costs.

Chair of Preaching Endowment ($1.5 Million)

The Campbell Divinity School continues the training and equipping of ministers to proclaim the Gospel and effectively lead churches. We are developing an enhanced emphasis on the art of preaching, and are looking for a donor to fund and name this new department chair. Interest on this endowment will enable us to recruit and hire a gifted individual to lead us in this effort.


Support the George W. and Joan O. Braswell World Religions and Global Cultures Center

We need your help. The Center is making a difference as we prepare men and women like you to share God’s love with our neighbors who have come from a variety of cultures and religions. We need your prayer support and your financial support. We need to build an endowment for the Center so that these ministries can continue. We would love to talk with you about tithing your will with support for the Center. For more information, contact the Office of Church Relations at 1-800-334-4111 ext. 1847.


Support the Mission

  1. You can always pray over our students, staff, and faculty. Pray for wisdom, discernment, good health, and for energy as we seek God’s leadership in the Divinity school.
  2. You can introduce potential students to us whom you think the Lord is leading into full-time Christian service. Bring them to campus for a visit.
  3. You can ask your church to add a line item in their annual budget for the Divinity school, for ongoing theological education needs, or to give a one-time gift.
  4. You can ask your church to consider providing a scholarship for students who attend Divinity school.
  5. You can personally consider providing financially through a scholarship for our students.
  6. You can give our Divinity school an outright gift, or plan for such a gift in your will.
  7. You can ask your church to give us the opportunity to share how God is using our Divinity school to prepare ministers all over the world. We are available for special emphases on any Sunday or Wednesday evening.



Peter Donlon

Director of Church Relations and Development
1-800-334-4111, ext. 1847

Andrew H. Wakefield

1-800-334-4111, ext. 1849