George W. and Joan O. Braswell World Religions and Global Cultures Center

Recognizing the numerous centers of Christianity in the world today, the Braswell World Religions and Global Culture Center works alongside of ministerial students at Campbell University Divinity School to strengthen them emotionally, intellectually and spiritually by cultivating opportunities for them to learn different ways of practicing and articulating personal faith through the diverse experiences of believers around the world.

2023 Annual Symposium

“Religion and Spirituality in a Pluralistic Age
February 15, 2023 | 9:30 am – 3:00 pm
Oscar N. Harris Student Union 
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Symposium Schedule

9:30 am Greetings and Welcome – Dr. Andrew Wakefield
9:35 am Introductory Address – Dr. Caleb Oladipo
10:30 am Opening Prayer – Dr. Tony Cartledge
10:45 am Keynote Address and Q&A – Dr. Robert Sellers
11:45 am Coffee and Networking Break
12:00 pm Local Leader Panel – Imam Muamar Dahnoun, Rabbi Eric Solomon, and Jerusha Neal
12:45 pm Panel Q&A
1:00 pm Lunch
1:45 pm Afternoon Welcome – Dr. Lydia Hoyle
1:50 pm Student Perspectives Panel – Jackson Adamah, Cynthia Ngwa, and Zack Parks
2:30 pm Panel Q&A
3:00 pm Concluding Remarks – Dr. Oladipo

A Word from the Center Director

Dr. Caleb Oladipo, Center Director, Braswell World Religions and Global Culture Center, is passionate about the growth and utilization of this center in the lives of Campbell Divinity students because of his own personal experiences with diverse expressions of the Christian faith.

“I was in a St. George Cathedral in Cape Town, when Archbishop Desmond Tutu conducted the sacrament of the Lord’s Supper in his native language as blacks and whites worshipped together. I was in India when Christians were singing in Malayalam language, and when I played my harmonica the church exploded in joyful celebration. I was in Buenos Aires, Argentina when Sarita Blanco asked me to join her Sunday School class of 7 and 8-year-old boys and girls, telling the children that my skin was darker because I was from Africa, and that God gave me this skin to protect me against the scorching rays of the African sun. She asked them to kiss me on the cheek and said that Christians in Africa pray for Christians in South America, just like Christians in Argentina pray for Christians in Nigeria and in North America. She told them that we all belong to God. Lastly, I was in Bukkittingi, West Sumatra, in Indonesia when an elderly gentleman testified that God loves the world and that we are connected as God’s creation whether we are from the North, South, East, or West. The socially constructed distinction between blacks and whites disappeared in my consciousness for a moment, as we became brothers and sisters of faith in God.” – Dr. Caleb Oladipo

Functions of the Center

  • Encourage the integration of Christian faith with cross-cultural intellectual life.
  • Support, encourage, and expect excellence in all undertakings at the Center.
  • Provide a unique place for research on global academic Christian perspectives.
  • Equip individuals to understand the confluence of knowledge across cultures in the Christian intellectual life.
  • Facilitate the discovery of new knowledge in other religions that promotes and nurtures mutual respect and understanding.
  • Anticipate and respond to changes in higher theological education in the world. 

Contact Information

For information about the Braswell World Religions and Global Cultures Center, please contact:

Dr. Caleb Oladipo – Director of the Center
Snellings Chair of Evangelism and Missions
Campbell University Divinity School
B.A. in Theology – Wayland Baptist University
M.Div – Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary
S.T.M. – Yale University Divinity School
Ph.D. in Theological Studies – Baylor University
Telephone: 1-800-760-9827 ext. 1805