The purpose of the Campbell University Divinity School is to provide Christ-centered, Bible-based, and ministry-focused theological education.

The purpose, or mission, of Campbell University Divinity School is a noble one, and its content exhibits one of the great strengths of the school. This school is committed to loving and serving God, learning all we can about the Bible, and becoming faithful ministers in the world.

Reflections on Our Mission Statement

  • It is well known and easily remembered, particularly in the shorter form, “Christ-centered, Bible-based, and Ministry-focused.
  • It reflects the heart and soul of faithful Christian ministry.
  • It provides a useful and compelling structure for courses and special events within the Divinity School.
  • It is frequently adopted by students as their personal mission statement of Christian commitment and philosophy of ministry.
  • It describes the nature of the curriculum and faculty of the school.
  • It defines the distinctiveness of Campbell University Divinity School from other theological schools.

Campbell University Divinity School is intentionally inclusive of anyone who can affirm and claim Christ as Lord, the Bible as authority, and ministry as calling, without debating the details. Consistent with its statement of purpose, the Divinity School embraces the best of classical theological education while seeking to equip students with ministry skills for the contemporary world. Students at the Divinity School are free to explore a wide variety of theological perspectives within the boundaries of respect and our mission statement.