Master of Arts in Christian Ministry

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Master of Arts in Christian Ministry

Focused study in preparation for specific ministry goals

Why consider the MACM degree?

Do you desire to dive into the riches of theological education, but you are concerned about the length of the traditional Master of Divinity curriculum? The MA in Christian Ministry (MACM) may be the solution you are seeking.

While the strength of the MDiv is its breadth and its ability to prepare students for a wide variety of ministerial paths, the advantage of the MACM is its focus. Designed for students with specific ministerial goals in mind, the MACM offers a less comprehensive but more streamlined approach to theological education. Students have the opportunity to concentrate on one of the following areas: Christian Education, Church Music and Worship, Congregational Leadership, Ministry to Children, or Teaching the Bible.

Beginning Fall 2022, students will have the opportunity to select from two formats of delivery for the MACM. The program will be offered in a traditional in-person format, as well as in an online-hybrid format. 

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Who should pursue this degree? 

  • Those with very specific ministry goals in mind
  • Those who want ministerial training and education that is an alternative to a traditional in-person format
  • Church staff members or those who desire to serve on a church staff
  • Those who serve in age-group ministry
  • Those who do not intend to pursue paths that prefer or require an MDiv

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Located in Buies Creek, Campbell is situated in the heart of North Carolina. Campbell’s charming, rural setting offers a place of learning and retreat for students commuting from locations throughout the state and beyond.

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“The Master of Arts in Christian Ministry degree provides two important dimensions. It provides a foundation so that people who experience a sense of call can dig more deeply into the study of the Bible, the history of the church, and the teachings of Christian theology. It also provides flexibility so that they can choose courses that will help them pursue their own sense of calling in a specialized ministry.” Dr. Barry Jones Professor of Old Testament & Hebrew