Master of Arts in Christian Ministry

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Program Overview

The Master of Arts in Christian Ministry is a professional degree designed to prepare men and women for specialized ordained and lay ministry. Students who sense a potential call to pastoral ministry or who desire to prepare for an academic career in college or university teaching are encouraged to pursue the Master of Divinity.

The Master of Arts in Christian Ministry degree requires 48 semester hours. This degree program can be completed in a minimum of 2 years, enrolling in an average of 12 semester hours during 4 semesters. Students may elect to earn the degree over a more extended period of time. Normally, the degree can be completed within three years. An overall grade point average of 2.0 is required for graduation.

Transfer students must have a 2.0 grade point average on all work completed and a 2.0 on work done at Campbell. Regardless of the number of credits eligible for transfer, the majority of credits toward the Master of Arts in Christian Ministry degree must be completed through instruction offered by Campbell University.

The degree provides a foundation in the theological disciplines and specialized training in one of the following specialized ministries:

A core curriculum of 27 hours is designed to provide students with essential foundations for ministry. Students then choose a minimum of 21 hours of vocational and elective studies according to calling and interest. With approval, students may take up to three hours in graduate courses outside the Divinity School and apply them toward electives. Faculty advisers are available to counsel with students relative to curriculum selections. Throughout the curriculum, students are led to develop their spiritual lives and to engage in theological reflection and dialogue.


Master of Arts in Christian Ministry Curriculum

  Core Courses Credit Hours
DIVI 1000 Introduction to Theological Education 2 hrs.
DIVI 4070 Worship and Spiritual Formation 1 hr.
DIVI 1100 New Testament I 3 hrs.
DIVI 1101 New Testament II 3 hrs.
DIVI 1200 Old Testament I 3 hrs
DIVI 1201 Old Testament II 3 hrs.
DIVI 2200 Introduction to Christian Theology 3 hrs.
DIVI 2000 Church History I 3 hrs.
DIVI 2002  
DIVI 2003
Church History II: Baptist Heritage or Church History II: Denominational Heritage 3 hrs.
DIVI 4079  
DIVI 4081
Devotional Study of a Christian Classic or Spiritual Formation Retreat 1 hr.
DIVI 9090 Senior Synthesis 2 hrs.
    27 hrs.
  Specialization Courses 21 hrs.
  Total Hours for MA in Christian Ministry 48 hrs.

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