Church Relations

Church Relations

Ministers’ Continuing Education Program

It’s important to Campbell Divinity School that ministers have resources and opportunities available to them throughout the year that enrich them academically, spiritually, and in their ministries. The annual lecture series brings scholars from around the country and world to deliver lectures on a wide variety of topics that are related to evangelism, biblical studies, and preaching.

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World Religions and Global Cultures Center

The George W. and Joan O. Braswell World Religions and Global Cultures Center of Campbell University Divinity School enables one to teach and train within churches and other groups on a particular religion and cultural group. Ministers and laypersons can become a Certified Teacher-Trainer in a World Religion. Teach and train your church to understand and share your faith with your religious neighbors.

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Hispanic Theological Education

Since 2002, Campbell Divinity School has offered certificates in theological education in Spanish. These classes meet on Saturdays in Taylor Hall, home of Campbell Divinity School. The program’s courses are offered at a reduced rate to assist in making theological education an affordable option.

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Greetings from the Director of Church Relations

“I would like to extend a heart-felt thanks to the friends and supporters of Campbell University Divinity School. It is through your generous gifts that we are able to help our students follow God’s call on their lives. Following the call involves stepping out in faith that the needs of our students will be met. Many of them are maintaining full and part time work schedules, church service, and rigorous theological study. There are still opportunities to partner with us for scholarships and other initiatives we are working on for the Divinity School.”

– Peter Donlon

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