Degree Plan

Master of Divinity

The Master of Divinity degree prepares students for a variety of ministries ranging from service within a church setting to social ministries to chaplaincy to education. Students who wish to pursue additional graduate degrees (such as a ThM, DMin, or PhD) would want to earn the Master of Divinity.

The Master of Divinity (MDiv) degree requires a total of 90 semester hours. This degree program can be completed in a minimum of three years, enrolling in an average of 30 semester hours each year. Students may elect to earn the degree over a more extended period. The average student completes the degree in four years. A grade point average of 2.0 on a 4.0 grading scale is required for graduation.

The core curriculum is designed to prepare every student pursuing vocational or bi-vocational ministry with the basic biblical, theological, historical, and ministerial foundations needed for Christian ministry. Concentrations are then offered to permit students to focus in a chosen area of specialization in the following areas:

Faculty advisers are available to counsel with students relative to curriculum selections. Throughout the curriculum, students are led to develop their spiritual lives and to engage in theological reflection and dialogue. Free electives are available for students to study in the areas of their interests and gifts.

Master of Divinity Curriculum

Biblical Studies – 12 hours

Course Number Course Title Credit Hours
DIV1100 New Testament I 3 hrs
DIV1101 New Testament II 3 hrs
DIV1200 Old Testament I 3 hrs
DIV1201 Old Testament II 3 hrs

Students who desire to graduate “with languages” must complete a minimum of nine hours in Greek and Hebrew, including at least three hours in each.

Historical and Theological Studies – 12 hours

Course Number Course Title Credit Hours
DIV2000 Church History I 3 hrs
DIV2001 – Church History II: Baptist History
DIV2002 – Church History II: Denominational Heritage
3 hrs
DIV2200 Christian Theology 3 hrs
  Advanced theology course from approved list 3 hrs

Ministry Studies – 15 hours

Course Number Course Title Credit Hours
Evangelistic Mission of the Church
Christian Missions
World Religions
3 hrs
DIV4000 Christian Worship 3 hrs
DIV4300 The Ministry of Preaching 3 hrs
DIV5100 Congregational Leadership and Administration 3 hrs
Pastoral Care
Counseling in Christian Ministry
3 hrs

Spiritual and Vocational Formation – 10 hours

Course Number Course Title Credit Hours
DIV1000 Introduction to Theological Education 2 hrs
DIV4070 Worship and Spiritual Formation 1 hr
DIV8040 The Life and Work of the Minister 2 hrs
DIV8060 or DIV5475 Supervised Ministry (3hrs) or Clinical Pastoral Education (4 hrs) 3 – 4 hrs
DIV9090 Senior Synthesis 2 hrs
Total   49 – 50 hours

Concentration and Elective Studies – 40 – 41 hours

Total for MDiv Degree: 90 hours


Transfer Information

Transfer students must have a 2.0 grade point average on all work completed and a 2.0 on work done at Campbell. Regardless of the number of credits eligible for transfer, the majority of credits toward the Master of Divinity degree must be completed through instruction offered by Campbell University.

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