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Jorgenson, Cameron Inside Chapel WebDr. Jorgenson is the Assistant Professor of Christian Theology and Ethics. His research explores the intersections between theology and spirituality, religion and the arts, and ancient tradition and contemporary church life. He travels across North Carolina and the United States, preaching and teaching at churches and college campuses.

Topics: Theology and Spirituality / Theology, Literature, and the Arts / Theology and Popular Culture

Available for: Lectures / Retreats / Pulpit Supply / Interim Pastorates

Travels from: Fayetteville, NC // Flies from: RDU


Cameron Jorgenson teaches Theology and Ethics at Campbell University Divinity School. Although his doctoral research delved into the nature and role of tradition in Baptist theology– and therefore, the importance of Christian thinkers of the past for Christian life today–his research and presentations often explore the nooks and crannies of popular culture to engage the theology one can find in unexpected places like literature, television, films, and popular music.

Jorgenson graduated summa cum laude from Grand Canyon University and earned his Master of Divinity from Fuller Theological Seminary. He was a Presidential Doctoral Scholar at Baylor University where he earned his PhD. While at Baylor, Jorgenson focused his studies on Theology and Philosophy, presenting widely at academic conferences and serving in various leadership capacities (President of the Graduate Theological Fellowship, founding Fellow of the Honors Residential College, member of the American Academy of Religion Graduate Student Committee). Now in his second year at CUDS, Jorgenson is relishing life as a new professor, teaching, mentoring students who are interested in doctoral studies, and speaking in churches. He is especially glad that upon arrival at Campbell he met his bride: Kelly Jorgenson, the Divinity School’s Director of Admissions.

Jorgenson has spoken to diverse audiences—churches of various denominations, campus ministries, college chapel services, spiritual formation retreats, faculty gatherings (and once to a Bible study for gang members in inner-city Los Angeles)—and in each of the settings the goal has been the same: to encourage believers to plunge deeper into the mystery of the Christian faith. He shares the conviction of Evagrius of Pontus that: “A theologian is one who prays, and one who prays is a theologian.” Jorgenson’s hope is that the church at large would be full of praying theologians.

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Pulpit Supply / Interim Pastorates:

Dr. Jorgenson has a passion for preaching and the work of the local church. His preaching imaginatively engages the rich stories of scripture and draws attention to the surprising ways that those stories speak to real life and our ultimate questions. To inquire about availability for pulpit supply or an interim pastorate, click here.

Lecture Series:

Distinctly Baptist in a Diverse Culture
Today, the religious landscape in the United States today is more diverse than it has ever been. These lectures explore this new reality, addressing how Baptists can respond to these changes in ways that remain true to the Baptist identity. Sessions include discussions of the promise and peril of pluralism, how we might move beyond “toleration” to Christian hospitality, how we relate to other Christian churches, how we might engage public policy and political life, and how we can develop a deeper and more rooted Christian faith in a time of change.

Pilgrimage and the Christian Life
This series traces the theme of pilgrimage—a sacred journey—in scripture and the history of Christian spiritual practice. Sessions include explorations of pilgrimage and prayer, the ancient practice of the “Stations of the Cross,” and the role of travel in spiritual formation. Practical and interactive, this series challenges believers to embark on the great adventure into the heart of the Christian faith.

Theology & Pop Culture
In popular culture there are plenty of obvious examples of things worthy of criticism. But what happens if we look deeper? What we find is a mixture of things that are deep and shallow, meaningful and meaningless, sacred and profane. If we have eyes to see and ears to hear, we can discover profoundly theological questions being explored artistically in the context of films, television, music, and literature. This series intends to provide a way into the dialogue with popular culture, helping believers better engage the profound questions that are raised in the public square.

Visual Faith: Learning to Pray with Your Eyes Wide Open
In the earliest centuries of the church a rich visual heritage emerged, seeking to praise God through beauty while expressing the deep mysteries of the faith in visual form. Intended to educate, to encourage, and to call the church to prayer, these images were a vital aspect of the faith of the early church; but, due to concerns about their use and abuse, images fell out of favor during the Reformation. This series explores the Christian visual heritage, the theology of images that developed in the early church, and the challenges of developing a “visual faith.”

The Shack: Wrestling with the Ultimate Questions through Popular Literature
The New York Times bestseller, The Shack, by William P. Young, has provoked a tremendous response from both critics and enthusiasts. This series engages the novel generously–though not uncritically–as a fascinating treatment of the most perplexing Christian mysteries: the Trinity, the problem of evil, and how we know (and name) God.

Additional details:

  • Many of these topics can be tailored to a single-session lecture or a multi-session series or retreat.
  • Beyond these topics, Dr. Jorgenson can also speak to a variety issues related to theology, ethics, and spirituality. Feel free to make a specific request; he is happy to take on new topics as time permits.
  • To inquire about availability or to request a specific topic, click here.
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“Dr. Jorgenson brings to the table a delightful combination of solid scholarship and skillful presentation wrapped in a package bound with joyful, even humorous, spirit. In him you will find a warm-hearted scholar and churchman whom you will want quickly to embrace. I recommend him highly!”

Dr. Dwaine Greene
Georgetown College

“When Cameron filled the pulpit for me, his message was tailored to continue the sermon direction I had been taking during the previous weeks. It was the perfect transition into a new ministry strategy our church recently implemented. He also led in a large group discussion of the book, The Shack. He was fully prepared and handled questions with grace and confidence. I was especially grateful for how he was able to speak to both mind and heart during the session. Our people loved him.”

Dr. Brian Lee
Senior Paster
Lafayette Baptist Church – Fayetteville, NC

“Last year, we partnered with Dr. Cameron Jorgenson to lead a series of discussions about the tough questions of faith. He did an excellent job leading our students in discussions about some of the big questions of faith that we often avoid in the church. He was able to provide historical and theological information for them. It was easy to understand and the students were engaged. The students still speak highly about the series. I highly recommend Dr. Jorgenson to any church or organization that wants to go deeper in their understanding of key theological issues in a way that is engaging to everyone.”

Dr. Charity Roberson
Field Strategist, Ministry Placement Coach
Baptist General Assembly of Virginia


To inquire about Cameron’s availability, please send an email to: Please indicate the type of event you have in mind along with information about the proposed date, suggested topic, and the intended audience. Thanks for your interest!

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