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Dr. Barry JonesBarry Jones is professor of Old Testament and Hebrew at Campbell Divinity School, where he has taught since 2000. His research interests are in areas of the Old Testament Prophets, the Babylonian Exile and its aftermath, the Old Testament foundations of Christianity, and the art of teaching the Bible in the local church. He has taught and preached in numerous churches and retreats in North Carolina and the Southeast.

Topics: Praying with the Psalms; The Babylonian Exile and Contemporary Church Ministry; The Ten Commandments and the Christian Life; Leadership Lessons from the Post-Exilic Prophets, various studies on books of the Old Testament.

Available for: Lectures, Bible studies, retreats, pulpit supply

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Barry A. Jones teaches Introduction to the Old Testament, Biblical Hebrew, and courses on the books of Exodus, Jeremiah, and the Psalms. His doctoral dissertation, The Formation of the Book of the Twelve, studied the collection of the Minor Prophets as an example of how Old Testament prophetic books took shape. It was published in the Society of Biblical Literature Dissertation Series. Dr. Jones has written articles and essays on the Minor Prophets, prophetic books, and teaching the Old Testament in the local church. His main research interest is ancient Israel’s response to the Exile and how this informs the mission of the Church in contemporary culture. His recent publications include the article “The One and the Many: A Strategy for Teaching the Twelve Prophets,” in the 2009 volume of the journal Perspectives in Religious Studies and the article on the Book of Zephaniah for The New Interpreters Dictionary of the Bible (Volume 5, S-Z, 2009). He is currently researching leadership lessons to be found in the post-exilic prophets. Prior to coming to Campbell in 2000, Dr. Jones was a religion professor at Mars Hill College. His interests include bicycling, reading, and spectator sports. He is frequently an interim pastor, preacher, and guest teacher in churches across North Carolina. He and his wife, Beth, have two children.

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Praying with the Psalms
The Psalms have guided the prayers of Christians throughout history. This series examines ways in which the Psalms serve as a resource for deepening the Christian’s prayer life, with attention to connections between the Psalms and the Lord’s Prayer.

The Ten Commandments and the Christian Life
The enduring nature of the Ten Commandments is evidence in headlines and lead stories of the daily newspaper. This teaching series addresses the continuing role of the Ten Commandments in shaping the Christian’s character, ethics and spiritual relationship with God.

A Day of Small Things: Rediscovering the Post-Exilic Prophets in a Post-Christian Age
The contemporary church is facing a sea of social change as the world withholds the privileges the church long enjoyed. What can the contemporary church learn from the prophet’s who guided the Israelites who sought to rebuild their faith and community in the aftermath of national destruction and displacement known as the Babylonian Exile?

Singing the Lord’s Song in a Strange Land: What the Church Can Learn from the Babylonian Exile
The Babylonian Exile presented biblical Israel with both an enormous loss and a catalyst for innovation and change. How does this biblical experience inform the place of the contemporary church in a changing culture?

Bible book studies
Genesis 1-11, Exodus, Joshua, Job, Psalms, Jeremiah, Jonah, Amos, Haggai, Zechariah, Malachi, Joel

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“Barry Jones has been a friend and partner of Westwood Baptist Church for many years, blessing our congregation with his splendid preaching and teaching. Most recently, he led a Winter Bible Study on The Book of Job that touched both the hearts and minds of our people. Dr. Jones has the relaxed presentation style of a story teller that immediately connects and draws in his hearers. Westwood loves him and we will certainly ask him back for future occasions. “
– Mike Eddinger, Pastor, Westwood Baptist Church

“Barry Jones has led several significant events for the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of North Carolina, including ministry workshops and an adult spirituality retreat. He comes across as intelligent, warm and insightful. One workshop participant sought me out to say, ‘I’ve been coming to the General Assembly for years and just attended the best workshop ever.’ It was a Bible study led by Barry Jones.”
– Rick Jordan, Church Resources Coordinator Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of North Carolina


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