CONNECT with Faculty & Staff

The heart and soul of Campbell Divinity School is its mission to be Christ-Centered, Bible-Based, and Ministry-Focused. That mission has drawn into its service a remarkable team of scholars and leaders with a passion for the local church and our team would like to partner with yours.

CONNECT is designed to put you in touch with the engaging speakers that make up the faculty and staff of Campbell Divinity School. Each brings a unique mix of ministry experience and expertise, and each is eager to partner with your church in a variety of ways, whether you need pulpit supply, a retreat speaker, a series of topical lectures, or even an interim pastor.

  • Dr. Barry Jones  – Preaching, Preaching Etiquette, Retreats, Call to Ministry
  • Dr. Cameron Jorgenson  – Hebrew Bible, New Testament, Ancient Near East, Writing, Storytelling, Baptist matters
  • Dr. C. Lynn Brinkley – Preaching, Leadership, Ministry, Religion and Society, Family
  • Dr. Brian Foreman – Christian Education and Church Leadership
  • Dr. Mike Cogdill – Old Testament, Psalms, Prophets, Leadership, Ten Commandments, Church Ministry
  • Dr. Ran Whitley – Theology, Ethics, Christian Spirituality, Art, Literature, Popular culture, College ministry, Postmodernity
  • Dr. Tony Cartledge Worship, Music, Hymns
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