May 20 Summer School Classes Begin
  Session I: 5/20/14 - 6/20/14
  Session II: 6/24/14 - 7/25/14
  Session III: 5/20/14 - 7/25/14 (practical/CPE)
July 14-16 Oasis
August 15 New Student Fellowship, Taylor Hall, 6:00pm
August 21 Orientation and matriculation for new students and returning students. (Late registration fees apply after this date.)
August 25 Classes begin
August 26 First chapel service: Service of Commitment, Divinity School Chapel, 10:40am
August 28-29 D.Min. orientation/matriculation/seminars
August 29 Last day for late registration and adding courses
September 1 Holiday.  No classes meet.
September 11-12 D.Min. seminars
September 16 Divinity School Commissioning Service, 10:30am
September 16 Divinity School Visitation Day for prospective students, 9:00am - 3:30pm
September 18 New student lunch with Deans
September 19 Last day to drop a class without a grade.
September 25-26 D.Min. seminars
September 30 Reavis Ministry Lectures, Dr. Amy Oden, Professor of Church History and Spirituality, St. Paul School of Theology, 10:40am and 1:45pm
October 9-10 D.Min. seminars
October 9 Grits and Eggams, SALT event
October 13-17 Reading days
October 21 Grits and Eggams, SALT event
October 23-25 Spiritual Formation Retreat
October 27 Spring 2014 schedule available; advisement begins.
October 28 CPE/Chaplaincy Day
October 28 Taylor Cup Kickball
October 30-31 D.Min seminars
November 3 Advance matriculation for Spring 2014 begins
November 6-7 D.Min seminars
November 7 Doctor of Ministry Open House for prospective students
November 10 Prevatte Biblical Studies Lectures, Dr. William H. Bellinger, Jr., Chair of the Department of Religion, W. Marshall and Lulie Craig Chairholder in Bible, and Professor of Religion, Baylor University, 10:00am and 1:30pm
November 14 Last day to submit applications for Spring Semester 2014
November 20-21 D.Min. seminars
November 25 Divinity School Visitation Day for prospective students, 9:00am - 3:30pm
Nobember 25 Thanksgiving Meal, hosted by SALT
November 26 Divinity School Thanksgiving Service, 10:40am
November 27-28 Thanksgiving holidays
December 2 Advent Service
December 2 Tuesday class exams
December 8 Monday class exams
December 11 Thursday class exams
December 11-12 D.Min. seminars
December 16 Grades due 9:00am