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The World Religions and Global Cultures Center is pleased to announce the new book by Dr. George W. Braswell, Jr.
Its title and subtitle are CROSSROADS OF RELIGION AND REVOLUTION: A Personal Look at Events and Changes Through A Lifetime Journey Among Iranian Muslims and Southern Baptists and Global Religions With Family and Friends.

It is available online from

Dr. Braswell takes one on a journey from small town USA to multimillion populated Teheran. His experiences and observations through two revolutions, that of Iran and the ayatollah and that of the Southern Baptist Convention, take you behind the scenes of politics and religion. He served with five presidents of Southeastern Seminary and narrates events both on the public stage and in the private arena. One will read his stories as a pastor, professor and anthropologist, in dealing with life’s issues across cultures and in the inner heart of losing a young granddaughter to cancer. He tells of the challenges of applying theological education to the trenches where people live in the various pluralisms of life.

Royalties from the book will support the World Religion Center endowment and scholarships.

The Center welcomes inquiries about book signings and presentations on topics in the book.

A one minute video trailer may be viewed here:
Braswell spring class visit to Raleigh Buddhist Temple along with Christ Church guests.

Upcoming Events

World Religions Presentations by Dr. Braswell:
Date Time Location

September 28

11:00AM Immanuel Baptist Church, Greensboro
October 5 11:00 AM Sermon on 185th Anniversary at Main Street Baptist Church, Emporia, VA
October 6 4:00 PM Presentation on "Foundations of Islam", The Cypress, Raleigh
October 13-17  

Class in World Religions, Campbell Law School, Raleigh

Visits to World Religion Communities, 9AM-5PM. Chruch members are welcome to the visits.

October 20 4:00 PM Presentation on "Islam's Relations to the Non-Muslim World", The Cypress, Raleigh
November 15-16   Presentation on Islam, Calvary Baptist Church, Roanoke, VA
 Who is Jesus?
Dr. George Braswell is available to serve for a limited time as teaching minister in a church in partnership with the World Religions and Global Cultures Center of Campbell University Divinity School.  A series of teaching training sessions can be offered on the following topics:
  1. “Who do Hindus say Jesus is? A Christian Response”
  2. “Who do Buddhists say Jesus is? A Christian Response”
  3. “Who do Muslims say Jesus is? A Christian Response”
  4. “Who do Mormons say Jesus is? A Christian Response”
  5. “Who do Jehovah’s Witnesses say Jesus is? A Christian Response”
Worldwide there are 1.6 billion Muslims, 1 billion Hindus, 500 million Buddhists, 15 million Mormons, and 8 million Jehovah’s Witnesses.  From 1975 to 2005, Muslims grew from 12% to 23% of the global population. In the last year, Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses outgrew Baptists, Methodists, Presbyterians, Episcopalians, and Roman Catholics. In fact, Mormons are challenging Southern Baptists to be the largest non-Catholic religious community. 
Closer home, followers of these religions have become missionaries in our communities, building temples, mosques, churches, and kingdom halls. They talk about Jesus and lay claims to Him, but who do they say He is? And how might Christians respond to their teachings? 
World Religions Presentations
“Stories about Persian kings and queens and cats and carpets and about Christ”
Behind the Scenes of Modern Iran
Dr. Braswell is available to offer this presentation for a Wednesday evening after supper.  Please contact the Center or 919 556-1502 for more information.
“What Have Islam, Muhammad, and Muslims Got To Do With Christianity, Jesus, and Christians?”
The Missionary and Militant Varieties of Islam in Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, and Iran and Their Influences Upon Non-Muslim Peoples and Cultures.
What Have Been, Are, and May Be Responses of Christians To Islam and Muslims?
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons)
“Mormons Are Outgrowing Protestants: What! Why! How!”
Is it Their Emphasis on Eternal Families or 80,000 Missionaries or Faith and Life Accountability?
What may be Christian and Church Relations to Mormons?
Jehovah’s Witnesses
“Why Do Ever Present Jehovah’s Witnesses Come Knocking at Your Door?”
Why are they outgrowing other churches?  What Happens in Their Kingdom Halls?
When They Come Knocking, Why Do So Many Baptists Ignore Them and They Keep Returning?
Scientology and New Age Religions
“What Have Tom Cruise and John Travolta Got That They Want To Charge For in the Practice of Scientology?”
How do Christian Scientists and Moonies and New Age Religions view God and Jesus and Bible and Salvation?
What Christian Responses May Be Given to Peoples of These Philosophies and Practices?

Please contact us by email or by calling The Center @ 910-893-1506.
Schedule your Wednesday evening, Sunday evening, or Sunday school series today. Prepare your church to understand its religiously diverse neighbors.
Endorsement of the Center
“At Westwood, we have experienced how the work of the World Religions and Global Cultures Center provides practical information and leadership to our congregations who are on the frontline of learning to love our neighbors. We support the Center both financially and through the participation of our members because we have been touched by its work, both as individuals and as a congregation.”
--Mike Eddinger, Pastor of Westwood Baptist Church, Cary, NC
Dr. George Braswell
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Please contact the World Religions and Global Cultures Center (WRGCC) of Campbell University Divinity School with any questions regarding upcoming events. 1 800 760-9827 ext:1506 or PO Box 4050, Buies Creek, NC 27506 or email



Functions of the Center



  1. Teaching and learning experiences about global cultures and religions offered through classes for credit, seminars, workshops and conferences whose participants include Divinity School students, churches, church leaders, missionaries, leaders of missionary agencies and others.
  2. Research opportunities for students and faculty and visiting scholars to result in publications of books, manuscripts to be used in appropriate journals, and literature useful for the churches and mission agencies.
  3. Facilitating cooperation between the Divinity School and other schools of Campbell University with regard to cultural exchanges, study abroad opportunities, campus lectures and events, ministries to internationals, and cultural and religious issues that impact the educational programs of the University.
  4. The particular preparation of students who desire to follow a vocational calling to understand the cultures and religions of the world from a Christian perspective.



The World Religions and Global Cultures Center of Campbell University Divinity School enables one to teach and train within churches and other groups on a particular religion and cultural group.   Ministers and laypersons can become a Certified Teacher-Trainer in a World Religion.  Teach and train your church to understand and share your faith with your religious neighbors. Information and orientation sessions are held throughout the year.


For information about World Religions learning opportunities, about acquiring a speaker in your area or about qualifying for teacher certification, please contact Dr. George Braswell at or leave him a message at 1-800-334-4111 ext. 1506.


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Center Leadership and Staff


George W. Braswell, Jr., D.D., D.Min., Ph.D. - Director of Center
Senior Professor of World Religions
Campbell University Divinity School
Distinguished Professor of Missions and World Religions Emeritus
B.A., Wake Forest University
B.D., Yale University Divinity School
Ph.D. and M.A. UNC at Chapel Hill
D.Min., Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary
D.D., Campbell University
Telephone: 1-800-760-9827 ext. 1506

Lisa Grissom – Center Intern

M.Div. student, Campbell University Divinity School


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Heather Giunta-Scholar of the Center

M.Div. student, Campbell University Divinity School



Meagan Vizard-Scholar of the Center

M.Div. student, Campbell University Divinity School




We need your help. The Center is making a difference  as we prepare men and women like you to share God’s love with our neighbors who have come from a variety of cultures and religions. We need your prayer support and your financial support. We need to build an endowment for the Center so that these ministries can continue. We would love to talk with you about tithing your will with support for the Center. For more information, contact Irma Duke at 1-800-334-4111 ext. 1847 or