Board of Ministers

The Campbell University Board of Ministers is a vibrant group of servant leaders who love the Lord and love Campbell University.  They are graduates of Campbell University, Campbell University Divinity School and/or they appreciate the education that Campbell University has provided other men and women for more than 120 years.


The Campbell University Board of Ministers visit the campus twice a year for luncheon meetings, usually connected with a special continuing education lecture.  They hear updates, plan upcoming events and share fellowship.  In addition, they attend other special events on campus, some of which they host, and they are ambassadors for the university in the areas where they live at associational meetings, pastors’ conferences and other gatherings.




The following members are currently on our Board of Ministers:



Charles Allard

Jimmy Allen

Jeff Allen

Tom Allen

Ken Altom

Ray Ammons

Dennis Atwood

Dean Beck

Ed Beddingfield

Barbara Bell

Grover Blackburn

Todd Blake

Tom Bland

Ken Boaz

Bradley Boberg

Sarah Boberg

Ben Boswell

Ron Boswell

Thomas Bounds

Michael Branscome

Randy Bridges

David Brooks

Jimmy Brown

John Brown

Elvin Butts

Walter Byrum

Kendell Cameron

Lee Canipe

Bruce Cannon

Tim Cannon

Robert Capps

Chris Carroll

Lionel Cartwright

Ron Cava

Richard Childress

Jeff Clark

Steve Clayton

Marvin Clowney

Jack Coffey

Suzanne Colandro

Lee Colbert

Allison Collier

Mike Collier

John Cook

Billy Cooper

Diane Cox

Jesse Croom

Mike Currin

Ken Dalton

Jayne Davis

Kenny Davis

Chris Dawson

Roy De Brand

Dan Deaton

Tom Denton

Powell Dew

Peter Donlon

Mike Eddinger

Michael Edwards

David Elks

Max Eller

Tony Evans

Jim Everette

Hampton Faircloth

Terry Farmer

Mark Fields

Patricia Freeman

Woodrow Freeze

Bill Fryar

Bob Fulkerson

Mark Gaskins

William Gay

Roger Gilbert

Barbara Glasgow

Jack Glasgow

Donald Gordon

Don Hadley

Dell Hagwood

David Hailey

Larry Harper

Brian Harrington

Bryan Harris

Jeff Harris

John Harris

Norman Harris

David Helms

Bruce Herrmann

Alden Hicks

Reggie High

Dennis Hill

Paul Hill

David Hines

Kelton Hinton

Ronnie Hobgood

Ray Hodge  

Larry Hovis

Timothy Howell

Colon Jackson

Charles Johnson

Jeff Johnson

Laura Johnson

Michael Johnson

Rick Jordan

Len Keever

Allen Kelley

Mary Keltner

Jerry Kinlaw

Lisa Koch

Tom Lamkin

Jerry Layton

Julia Ledford

Brian Lee

Gaylord Lehman

Charles Locklear

Steve Loftis

Scot McCosh

Hugh McKinley

Randy McKinney

Dougald McLaurin

Kenneth McNeill

Phillips McRae

Jay Meadows

Jaime Molina

Jesse Mooney

David Moore

Tim Moore

Douglas Murray

Dudley Neal

Marshall Neathery

John Norman

Mickie Norman

Rob Norman

Wayne Oakes

Randy Outland

Allen Overton

Robbie Parker

Jerry Parsons

Terry Peele

David Phelps

Glenn Phillips

Robby Phillips

John Pond

Ron Poythress

Vic Ramsey

Brent Rector

Luis Rivas

Jeff Roberts

Jeff Roberts

Mack Roberts

Greg Robertson

Charles Royal

Reggie Rushing

Dupre Sanders

Allen Schuyler

Trent Sessoms

Karen Sherin

Jeff Sholar

Michael Shook

Michael Simmons

Randy Simmons

Steve Simpson

Mitchell Simpson

Bill Slater

Alex Smith

Brad Smith

Mike Sowers

Rick Speas

Billy Spencer

Brantley Stevens

Matt Storie

David Stratton

Jimmie Suggs

Charles Tanner

Beth Thompson

Mack Thompson

Mike Thompson

Al Turner

Roger Underwood

Cara Lynn Vogel

Bill Wallace

Rick Warren

Jack Watson

Bill West

Mark White

Roger White

David Whiteman

Chad Whitley

Alta Whitt

Jim Willoughby

Richard Wood

Gordon Wright

Jody Wright

Jonathan Yarboro

Bert Young

Steve Zimmerman