Some of Angier’s youngest citizens experienced firsthand what the mayor and board of commissioners do in a mock town meeting last week. Mayor R. H. Ellington hosted the children from Summer Club, a children’s afternoon ministry sponsored by Baptist Fellowship of Angier, and coordinated by Campbell University students. The Angier Municipal Building was one of many places the children visited this summer as they learned about possible vocations and were encouraged to stay in school so that they could pursue their dreams.
Mayor Ellington prepared an agenda for the children, chose some of them to act as commissioners, and started their meeting. They discussed a beautification day in Angier, a sidewalk project, the water fountain at the Jack Marley Park and arbor construction. The commissioners representing the wards in Angier discussed these issues and voted.
Other children, representing the townspeople, were encouraged to go to the microphone and ask questions about their town. Their concerns included soccer goals and more swings in the park.
In addition to the mayor, the 30-plus children from kindergarten through sixth grade were hosted by Sunni Skies and Grace Ballroom. Persons from the Fire Department, Police Department, Campbell Divinity School and the Lillington Library visited the children at the church and shared about their vocations. This is the third year that Summer Club has been held, with donations from Little River Baptist Association, the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, Memorial Baptist Church, Williamston, and Baptist Fellowship of Angier.  Interns leading the program this year have been Caitlyn Rogers, Williamston, NC; Dexter Dodd, Erwin; Thalia Eguia Mallory, Angier; and Krysta Bell, Dunn. Rogers graduated from Campbell in May. Dodd and Bell are Campbell Divinity School students.
“We appreciate all the businesses and town leaders who have taken time out of their schedules to visit with us,” explains Caitlyn Rogers, Summer Club coordinator. “It has given the children opportunities to learn about and experience many different vocations. We believe it will encourage them to stay in school.”



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