Amy McClure, a 1st year MDiv student, shares her thoughts about Campbell Divinity School.



Campbell University Divinity School (CUDS) is certainly a great place to receive wonderful theological education. One of the things that stand out most to me is the overwhelming sense of community and family. I moved from the mountains of Western North Carolina to the small town of Buies Creek. I came not really knowing anyone and found myself a little anxious to walk into some of those first classes. My anxiety level lowered significantly as soon as I met the faculty, staff, and other members of the CUDS community. 
I am now in my second semester and I feel like I have known people for so much longer. I appreciate and admire the sense of vulnerability, openness, and honesty everyone brings to the table. We are currently in the midst of our reading days, where we have a break from classes and can use those days to catch up on reading and work. I love being able to walk into the library and find so many members of the “family” working hard on various projects and papers. Knowing how much other people are truly committed to being Christ-centered, Bible-based, and Ministry-focused makes me feel honored to walk alongside each and every one of them. I am excited to start classes back next week so we can all reunite and continue this journey together. 


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