The following was written by Jonathan Altman, 3rd year Divinity student here at CUDS.  Thanks for sharing Jonathan!


The events of Tuesday, November 16, 2010, will likely leave an indelible mark in my heart and mind. On that day I had the unique and undeserved opportunity to preach at the Campbell University Divinity School’s chapel service.

As you might expect, I was quite anxious about speaking, and to be honest, I reluctantly agreed to be a part of the service. A fog of doubtful thoughts haunted me as I spoke with the worship planners: “Who am I to preach? How can I possibly proclaim the gospel in front of my professors and peers?” However, I also felt the incisive burn from a beacon within that reminded me of the honor and magnitude of this opportunity. Yes, I felt much like Moses when God called to him from the burning bush, but I also believed that God would be with me, even though I was full of fear (Ex. 4:10-12).

As I approached the pulpit that morning, I looked at the congregation and my mind raced through memories of the past three years at Campbell University Divinity School: numerous lectures, countless discussions in the hallways, and the warm bonds of friendship that I have made with so many. My professors were not looking at me with scrutinizing expressions; my peers were not waiting for me to fumble through my sermon; no, I felt like I was being cheered on, that I was coming around third base, and here was the grand finale of my final year in Divinity School.

November 16, 2010 was not only filled with love and appreciation for and from the Campbell community, it was filled with God’s presence. God did not leave me to swim alone in shark-infested waters; God infused me with his Spirit to proclaim the gospel in a Christ-centered community that loves both God and others. And for that I am so very thankful.


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