Alicia Joy Turner is a first year Master of Divinity student and we are glad to have her share with us on the blog.  Alicia is a graduate of Campbell University.


July 22, 2010. On this day my life took a major shift. This was the day I returned home after living overseas for six months. My time of serving God abroad had come to a close, and now a new season of new beginnings was ahead of me at Campbell University Divinity School.


I was nervous about coming back to Campbell after being gone for six months. What would Campbell be like since many of my friends had graduated? Would I be able to keep up with the amount of school work required for graduate school? I was coming back home to Buies Creek, but still I felt like I was returning to a new place all at the same time.
During my season of adjustment, I reconnected with old friends at orientation and quickly made new ones. I found myself in the middle of a caring, compassionate, Christlike community. What a blessing! Though challenging moments came my way, I recognized that I was in a safe environment alongside many others who were facing challenges also. My classmates and I began to journey together.
In the midst of all the readjustment and changes, God was constant. He was in the words of my devotional book. He was in the hugs of the children I work with at church. He was in the wise counsel of my best friend. He was in the chapel service where Dr. Cartledge spoke about brokenness. I am thankful for God’s constant presence in my life as I began Campbell’s Divinity School.
So what does my future look like? What moments in the future will change my life forever? Daily I ponder decisions that could change my life such as being ordained, returning to Asia, and choosing a place to work. I know that I am not alone in these struggles. God has blessed me with amazing friends, family, and His presence to journey alongside me.
I sense that God will continually draw me into a season of seeking Him above all else. This may mean many readjustments in my future. This quite possibly will mean that God’s plan looks quite different from my own. Nevertheless, I am quite confident that God is using Campbell to help shape me to be more like Christ. How exciting!


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