Well, actually it's hard to choose which time of year is most wonderful around here because they are all great, but this is a pretty exciting time.  We have really missed our students this summer and we are so excited about seeing them again in just a couple of weeks! 


We are also very busy preparing for our new students to arrive. We can't wait to meet them all and help them get settled into CUDS life. We work hard to help new students find their place in our community right away.  Here is a glimpse of all the events that take place in the first month:


August 13th--New Student Fellowship:  This is a relaxing and fun time for new students and guests to get to know one another before the work of the semester gets underway.  New students and their guests also fellowship with a few current students, faculty, and staff during this time. It is a time of good food and great fun.


August 19--Orientation and Matriculation:  During this time, new students learn a lot of information about CUDS, classes, financial information, and student life.  This event is a full day of learning and registering for classes.  We believe this time is very helpful for new students because they have as much information as possible to guide them as they start the semester.  We also have prayer time together at the beginning of the day and that is a very meaningful way to start the semester.


September 14--Commissioning Service:  This service is a special time for CUDS, family, friends, and supporters of new students to worship together and commission our new students for their theological education journey.  The service is a very meaningful time of worship that will help new students celebrate their call to theological education.


September 16--New Student Lunch with the Deans:  This is an informal lunch in which the deans, Dr. Wakefield and Dr. Jones, meet with the new students to talk about how things have gone for the students during the first few weeks of the semester.  It is a good time of fellowship and sharing with one another the joys and struggles of a new beginning.


These are just a few of the things we do to help new students feel a part of our CUDS community right away. I am really looking forward to the next few weeks. We are praying for all our students as we begin a new academic year.



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