Each semester, a class called Senior Synthesis is offered.  The class is for those who are in their last semester and hope to graduate.  The focus of the class is a Senior Paper that allows students to reflect on their theological education.  Below are some quotes from recent papers.



“I have discovered joy and peace that comes from reflecting on the positive and faith-building changes that I have discovered, contemplated, and made within the past four years.” 
“Before Divinity School, I thought the Bible was to be believed as it had been interpreted for me.  Now, I have come to realize that the Bible is also a tool for me to use in order to discern God’s Word to me as God opens my own yes to God’s revelation.”  
“In the entirety of my Campbell experience, I see how I am continuing to grow and change in my understanding and walk with the Lord.”-- Rebecca Hall ‘10
“The 160-mile roundtrip journey, twice a week, soon became a dreaded task.  Even so, I pushed myself because I felt that God had called me to minister and now I was the pastor of a church and it soon became evident that my 30+ years of church experience could not be a substitute for a quality, in-depth theological education.” 
“Through the spoken word, prayer, the ministry of music and fellowship, all of the components of our mission statement come together—Christ Centered, Bible Based, Ministry Focused.” 
“Campbell is truly fortunate to have Dr. Andy Wakefield as a professor and student mentor.  His concern and interest in his students is one of his major assets.  You want to absorb everything from the subject matter and test the results.” 
“I have realized that seminary is a journey and the person you are at the beginning of the seminary will have changed by the end of it.  The purpose of this education is to challenge your beliefs in a way that makes them your own, so you will be able to minister and educate others.” 
“I have been enriched far beyond the mere acquisition of knowledge by learning in community, particularly in this community.  By engaging scripture, theology, the church and the gospel through the eyes and perspectives of my fellow students, faculty and staff, I have experienced the Spirit moving among us, molding knowledge into something that, hopefully, approaches wisdom.” --Gene Whitehouse ‘10
“This is why I came to Campbell; to be educated, not indoctrinated!”  
“I appreciate having had the opportunity to obtain a theological education at Campbell. Coming here proved to be the right choice for so many reasons.  I am thankful to God for the experience and am humbled that circumstances have enabled me to realize this dream and to be better equipped for future service to Christ.” -- Dr. Rick Hollings ‘10




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