"When Time-Travel is Not An Option"
By Tiffany Brown
Master of Divinity Student
We're in the short rows!  April is here, Easter is on the horizon, warm weather has come, and the end of school is coming into sight!  These are exciting days!  
I'm finding myself these days, looking forward, expectantly and hope-fully looking into the future.  While there are benefits in looking to the future I have forgotten to experience the present. Too often I have approached my Divinity School Career with my assignment list in mind.  Moving from one item to the next, I have become like a clock, checking off one thing and moving on to the next.  I do this in life too - hurriedly rushing through the mundane to get to the next big thing.  I’m sure I’m not the only one in this motion.  
Thinking of classes for the next semester and preparing my schedule for my last year, God tapped on my shoulder and said, “Who’s God?”  I reluctantly answered that of course God was God.   Obvious right? Well, not entirely.  In my hurried, rushed, expectant motion, I forget that God is God.  The one who formed me, the one who called me, and the one who guides me.
I recently watched the movie About Time, which was the story of a man, Tim, who discovers he can travel in time.  At first he uses the gift haphazardly as a 21 year-old but with time he learns how precious his gift really is.  As he ages, he begins to use the gift daily, going back to live each day twice, once with all of the surprises and the difficulties, then once again for the small joyful moments.  After a while he then begins to use the gift less and less, living each day looking for the joyful moments that come, without becoming caught up in the tension and stresses of daily life.  
I'm sure if we had the gift of time-travel we too could approach life as such, but since that’s not an option, can we still strive to live each day as people surrendered by a God who is providential, constantly providing for our every needs? Can we be still and know that God is God and be satisfied with the present? 
"It is a privilege to get to know God on the intimate level of Divinity School." - Dr. Cameron Jorgenson in Christian Theology



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