Takicey Dunston Seeks to Sharpen Her Tools
“As a Minister God calls you, but it is important for you to sharpen the tools that He has given you with a sound education,” says Takicey Dunston, one of nine new Campbell University Divinity School Students. 
The divine calling she feels, and the subsequent desire she possesses to administer “biblically-based doctrine” is what is leading her to pursue a Master of Divinity at Campbell University Divinity School. 
Takicey remembers, “From childhood I always had this calling on my life, and the older I got, the more pronounced it became.” In 2011 she says, “I decided that it was weighing on my heart heavily to answer the call.” She then expressed her calling and desire with her pastor and began preparing to preach her initial sermon. 
A few months later, however, Takicey found out that she had Stage II breast cancer. She says, “I thought about Paul and how he went through things. I thought about Job and wondered if this was a test to see if I was faithful to the calling.” 
Yet, Takicey didn’t let her diagnosis stop her. On September 25, 2011, she was behind the pulpit of Mount Calvary United Holy Church in Spring Hope preaching her initial sermon titled, “Take it to Jesus.” 
Her four rounds of Chemotherapy treatments ended on December 28, 2011. Then she began radiation treatment that lasted until March 9, 2012. She says that, at first, she wondered, “Why me?” Looking back she views her diagnosis as “another test I had to go through.” Takicey has now been cancer free for almost two years. 
Currently she serves as one of three Associate Ministers at Mounty Calvary United Holy Church, Spring Hope. Previously, Takicey also worked as a teacher for exceptional children at Cleveland Middle School in Garner, NC. For the past two years she has held the position as Assistant Principal at Meadow School in Benson, NC. 
Takicey received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Education from Shaw University in 1991. In 2000 she received a Master of Education with a concentration in Special Education from North Carolina Central University. In 2011 she received a Master of Administration, also from North Carolina Central University. 
Takicey has many aspirations for the future and believes that, “Campbell is just another part of the growth process.” Whether a Principal position or an opportunity to work as an Administrator in the County Office is in her future, she says, “I can’t imagine myself not working with children.”  
Her ministerial goal is to become one of the first female bishops for her denominational district. She also aspires to become a full-time Pastor and to pursue a doctoral degree at some point in the future.
Takicey says that, for her, the biggest reward of being both a minister and a school administrator is “Learning that God has used me to help someone else.” 



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