The following is another blog entry from Jonathan Altman, M. Div. Student.  Jonathan wrote this short reflection at the end of last semester.  Thanks for sharing Jonathan!-Melanie Walk


Today the gavel was slammed. It was the day of sentencing, the day Campbell Divinity students received their semester grades. For some it may have been a day of mourning, but for others, a time of celebration. While I fall into this latter category, a feeling greater than happiness and joy fills my heart.

As I reflect on my third semester at CUDS, I recall some of the things I have learned: how to write a sermon, how to fumble my way through Koine Greek, and how to give pastoral care. Above and beyond these things, I feel the grand emotion of love flood my soul. Yes, learning various theories and concepts and becoming equipped to minister is important, but in hindsight, all of these are simply means to an end. They are mere experiences in my life that have led me to love God deeper than I have ever imagined.

In a “simple” classroom with “mere” students and professors, God has opened my eyes to catch a glimpse of him. In listening to lectures and writing papers and receiving my semester grades, I love God all the more.


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