The following is another reflection from Jonathan Altman during his first semester of divinity school. --Melanie


In my Introduction to Theological Education course, we have recently read and studied about the call of God. While all are called to be in Christ's Church, only some are called to vocational ministry. In class we've learned that there is one call, but there may be various roles within the call. For example, the professor of my class, who also serves as dean of the divinity school, considers his role in education as an extension of his call to ministry. Besides teaching, he regularly serves in interim pastorates; he epitomizes the various roles within ministry.

While growing up, I only thought of senior pastors when I heard the terms "minister" or "ministry", but I now realize that there is so much more than that. Some are called to teach or be professors; others are called to social ministry and still others to the local church. Some may be college ministers, youth workers, music ministers, and yes, senior pastors. All roles are ministry and all are vehicles for impacting the world for Christ. I honestly feel I've reached the point where I don't mind where I serve. I do suspect I will be a pastor one day, and I would love that. But, if it takes twenty years and serving in several different roles to get there, that's okay. I just want to love others and help them connect with Christ. Whatever the setting, whatever the role, I will serve.


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