The following is from Lacey Davis, 2nd Year M.Div Student. Thanks for sharing, Lacey! 



Happy One Year, CUDS!

Yesterday marked my one-year anniversary as a student at Campbell Divinity School. Though many moments seemed to make the transition into theological education real, the day I entered my first class was when it became validated. When I walked into that class, Introduction to Theological Education with Dr. Cogdill, I realized that I was exactly where God had called me, despite my fears, anxiety, and apprehensions.
My first day at Campbell was filled with many wonderful moments that make it memorable – we sang happy birthday to Kelly Jorgenson, there was an earthquake (though I never felt it), and I found out that my oldest brother was engaged.  Singing happy birthday to Kelly in the lobby of Taylor Hall was probably the most memorable part of my first day, though. Before I arrived at Campbell, Kelly Jorgenson’s voice was my favorite voice to hear. The day I received the phone call from her telling me I had been accepted to Campbell Div. and I was a recipient of a scholarship, I was in tears. Her emails, calls, and personal cards always made and make me feel like I am a special member of the CUDS family.
What I have learned while here is that these special moments are not uncommon in this community. During this past year I have been blessed with a family when I needed one the most. Lunch dates with staff members, end-of-the-semester cookouts and dinners at professors’ houses, long talks with another student about his/her journey, and countless hours spent studying together for tests – this is what makes Campbell feel like home to me. The “Christ-Centered, Bible-Based, and Ministry-Focused” mission statement binds the students, professors and staff at CUDS.

I have grown in many ways during my time at Campbell Divinity because of the balance between academic rigor and spiritual formation. Even through the stress of paper writing and studying, I realize how blessed I am to be a part of the best community of peers, professors and staff. It was not always easy during the past year, but that is part of this beautiful journey. Never alone – that is the promise. I am sharing this season of my life with some of the most amazing people I will ever meet. Our journey together is a small glimpse of what the church should look like -- open arms, willing to listen, willing to give of our time, and growing alongside other believers -- and we will take this part of our journey into our present and future ministries.
For this season in my life, I am thankful.



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