Louisa Monroe is a 2nd year CUDS student and staff member with Campus Ministry here at CU.  Louisa is a 2010 graduate of Meredith College with a degree in music. She helps coordinate and plan Campbell University Worship (CUW).  CUW services are held weekly for the undergraduate students on campus.  Louisa also assists the ministry group leadership teams for BSU, Ignite! S.H.I.N.E., Encounter and Gospel Choir. Louisa works alongside these leadership teams in their preparation for their weekly fellowship times, retreats, special events and spiritual formation.  She is privileged to facilitate the United Campus Ministry meetings each month.  United Campus Ministry is a supportive gathering of the leadership teams in which each one can share what is going on in their group.

Students from all walks of life, with different faiths, different ideals and different expectations attend CUW. The hope for CUW is that students will experience the presence of God during this time each week. Commenting on CUW, Louisa says, “It is unlike any other worship experience I have ever worked on.”  The goal is to engage their heads and their hearts. “Some weeks this is really hard, but if one student in a room of 500 hears something that applies to a struggle they are going through or finds peace in what they have heard, then I consider it a success.”

College is a time for students to explore, to define who they are as individuals, and to search out and take hold of faith, claiming it as their own.  Louisa feels it is a privilege to be involved in the spiritual development of the students at Campbell.  She is glad to be a part of their faith journey.

 Louisa’s personal experience and her schooling have been helpful in her ministry.  She had the opportunity to intern at Hayes Barton Baptist Church for two years where she learned much about leadership and organizational skills.  Dan Ridley, the Music Minister at Hayes Barton invested in Louisa.  His mentoring impacted her ability to relate to the ministry teams she works with here on Campbell’s campus.  She credits her current ability to lead to that time she was able to spend as an intern at Hayes Barton Baptist Church, stating further, “Had I not had that experience and guidance, my leadership in CUW would be very different.”

            Educationally speaking, Theology, CUDS Chapel Planning, Counseling, and Preaching classes all come together to make Louisa a more prepared minister on campus.

Louisa is a dedicated and effective learner, leader, and minister and we are proud to have her as a student at Campbell University Divinity School.


-by Heather Giunta, MDiv Student


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