Student Body Profile


Campbell University Divinity School


The student body of Campbell University Divinity School consists of approximately 1 students in master and doctoral level degree programs. This student body is diverse in age, gender, ethnicity, and denomination. Students at Campbell Divinity School represent a wide range of ages and life circumstances. Our student body is made up of students who have recently received their undergraduate degrees, middle-aged students who are preparing for a second career, and students who are older adults. The ratio of female students to male students is close to 50:50. Each year, approximately 39% of our student body represents minority ethnic backgrounds, including students of African-American, Hispanic, Asian, and Native American heritage. In addition, although Campbell is a Baptist university, approximately 37% of divinity school students come from denominational traditions other than Baptist—such as Methodist, Presbyterian, Lutheran, A.M.E. Zion, and others.


Campbell Divinity School is able to offer learning in such a diverse environment, because it looks to its mission statement and includes students who can affirm and claim Christ as Lord, the Bible as authority, and ministry as calling. We find that the diverse environment of our school and the varied experiences of our students provide an opportunity for meaningful discussion and the possibility of learning from one another, both in and out of the classroom.