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Church Music Concentration


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Degree Information


Campbell Divinity School now offers graduate level church music courses within the context of two different degrees: the Master of Divinity and the Master of Arts in Christian Ministry. The church music concentration values the rich history of church music, acknowledges current trends in contemporary worship, and explores emergent movements within the Christian community. The concentration is open to those with undergraduate music degrees. Interviews and placement auditions are available for those with music minors and/or extensive professional experience.


An Exceptional Distinction 


Curriculum includes courses in Professional Music Ministry (6 hours), History, Literature, & Professional Music Technique (6 hours), and Music Performance (6 hours).

  • Advanced level music and leadership skills are fostered along with core coursework such as biblical studies, theology, church history, and spiritual formation.
  • Church music students are an integral part of the divinity school community—ours is not a conservatory style program.
  • Worship courses and practica emphasize substance over style.
  • Church music traditions are interpreted with excellence and energy.


                                     Signature Events and Offerings                                      


Summer Seminars

Music Internships

Student Choral Festival: SEGUE

Guest artists and lectures

Music and Worship Conference: Oasis


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Contact for Additional Information:


Dr. Larry Dickens

Associate Professor of Church Music


Kelly Jorgenson

Director of Admissions