Dr. Barry A. Jones


Professor of Old Testament and Hebrew

  • BA, Campbell University
  • MDiv, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary
  • PhD, Duke University
Barry A. Jones teaches Introduction to the Old Testament, Biblical Hebrew, and courses on the books of Exodus, Jeremiah, and the Psalms. He also teaches a seminar on theological interpretation of Scripture in the Doctor of Ministry program. His doctoral dissertation, The Formation of the Book of the Twelve, studied the collection of the Minor Prophets as an example of how Old Testament prophetic books took shape. It was published in the Society of Biblical Literature Dissertation Series. Dr. Jones has written articles and essays on the Minor Prophets, prophetic books, and teaching the Old Testament in the local church. His current research interests are theological interpretation of the Old Testament and how the Old Testament scriptures inform the mission of the Church in contemporary culture. His recent publications include the article “The Seventh Century Prophets in Twenty-first Century Research,” in Currents in Biblical Research 14 (2016): 129-175, and the article “The One and the Many: A Strategy for Teaching the Twelve Prophets," in the 2009 volume of the journal Perspectives in Religious Studies. He has also written the article on the Book of Zephaniah for The New Interpreters Dictionary of the Bible (Volume 5, S-Z, 2009), and the article "Beginnings of Apocalyptic Literature" in the Eerdmans Companion to the Bible (2011). Prior to coming to Campbell in 2000, Dr. Jones taught at Mars Hill College. His interests include bicycling, reading, and sports. He is frequently an interim pastor, preacher, and guest teacher in churches across North Carolina. He and his wife, Beth, have two children.


  • Office Location: Taylor Hall of Religion, 305
  • E-mail: jonesb@campbell.edu
  • Phone:1-800-760-9827, ext. 1824