Dr. Andrew H. Wakefield


Professor of New Testament and Greek

Lewis Edward and Martha Barnes Tyner Professor of Bible


Dr. Derek K. Hogan

Assistant Dean 

Assistant Professor of New Testament


Dr. Tony W. Cartledge
Professor of Old Testament

Dr. Michael G. Cogdill
Founding Dean and Professor of Christian Ministry


Dr. Larry Dickens

Associate Professor of Church Music

Gay T. and Haskell A. Duncan Chair of Church Music

Dr. Lydia H. Hoyle
Associate Professor of Church History and Baptist Heritage


Dr. Barry A. Jones

Professor of Old Testament and Hebrew

Dr. Cameron H. J. Jorgenson
Associate Professor of Christian Theology and Ethics


Dr. Alicia Myers

Assistant Professor of New Testament and Greek





Dr. Carol "Lynn" Brinkley
Director of Student Services and Alumni Relations


Mrs. Elaine M. Dawson
Administrative Assistant for Academics


Mr. Peter Donlon

Director of Church Relations and Development


Ms. Amber H. Johnson-Carter

Director of Admissions


Mrs. Kelly M. J. Jorgenson
Director of Divinity Student Finances

Mrs. Joyce F. Mashtare
Administrative Assistant to the Dean


Mrs. Cynthia "Cyndi" Murray

Admissions Assistant

Adjunct Faculty

Dr. George W. Braswell, Senior Professor of World Religions and Director of the World Religions and Global Cultures Center


Dr. Brian Foreman, Adjunct Professor of Christian Education

Dr. Janice Haywood, Adjunct Instructor of Christian Education

Dr. H. Mac Wallace, Senior Professor of Pastoral Care

Dr. H. Moran Whitley, Chair of the Department of Fine Arts, Associate Professor of Church Music


Dr. C. Lynn BrinkleyAdjunct Instructor of Worship and Spiritual Formation


Rev. Stan Yancey, Adjunct Instructor of Urban and Social Ministry


Dr. Reggie High, Adjunct Instructor of Preaching in the African American Tradition