Preschool & Children's Ministry Certificate


In response to an increasing demand for high quality ministry with preschoolers, children, and their families, the Divinity School developed the Preschool and Children's Ministry Certificate Program which began in 1999. This program is designed to equip church staff ministers and volunteer leaders with the knowledge, skills, and values needed to design church programs and ministries to reach and nurture preschoolers, children, and their families.


Participants in this program enroll in the Divinity School through the regular admission process as a special (non-degree seeking) student. The Certificate in Preschool and Children's Ministry can be earned on its own or as part of a Master of Christian Ministry or Master of Divinity degree.


Certificate in Preschool and Children’s Ministry Curriculum


DIVI 6301        Teaching Preschoolers and Children (2 hours)
DIVI 6320        Biblical and Theological Foundations for Age Group Ministry (2 hours)
DIVI 6359        The Christian Childhood Educator (2 hours)
DIVI 6100        Designing Church Programs and Ministries (2 hours)
DIVI 6370        Age Group Practicum (2 hours)

DIVI 6349        The Child, Family, and Congregation (2 hours)


Students can pursue the Preschool and Children's Ministry Certificate as a non-degree-seeking student but still earn academic credit.  Students seeking to only complete the certificate program must apply and will be classified as special, non-degree seeking students.  Certificate students will register for and pay for classes in the same manner as any other student, with one major exception. In order to make the certificates more widely accessible, certificate students may take up to two classes for a certificate on an audit basis. Click here for general tuition information. The following details apply:


1. Classes taken for audit are charged at a significantly reduced rate: $75/hour.

2. Audited classes will appear on the transcript with a grade of AU. These classes cannot be
transferred into a master’s degree. (Courses not taken for audit can be transferred to a
master’s degree.)

3. To be counted towards the requirements for a certificate, an audited class must be
accompanied by certification of satisfactory completion of the class from the professor.

For more information and to apply, please contact Amber Johnson-Carter at 1-800-760-9827, ext. 4765.