Christian Women in Leadership Certificate


In partnership with Woman's Missionary Union of North Carolina, Campbell Divinity School offers a Christian Women in Leadership Certificate.  This certificate program is designed to enhance the ministry of women in leadership by offering certificate credit that can be earned on its own or as part of a Master of Arts in Christian Ministry or a Master of Divinity degree program.


The courses in this certificate program will explore the roles of women in the Bible as well as in church history; they will provide opportunities for self-discovery; and they will allow women to develop their ministry and leadership skills so that they can use their gifts more effectively in their churches, communities, and beyond. 


Core courses (Must be taken by everyone in certification program):

·         DIVI8042, Women in Christian Leadership

·         DIVI2021, Women in Christian Tradition

Choose four classes from the following two categories (At least one class from each category):

·         Practical Ministries:

·         DIVI4422, Ministry of Writing

·         DIVI4300, Ministry of Preaching

·         DIVI5600, Counseling and Christian Ministry

·         DIVI6100, Designing Church Programs and Ministries

·         DIVI6141, Teaching the Bible to Youth and Adults

·         Missions:

·         DIVI3230, Local Missions and Ministries

·         DIVI3260, World Religion Practicum

·         DIVI3200, Christian Mission

·         DIVI3000, Evangelistic Mission of the Church 


Students can pursue the Christian Women in Leadership Certificate as a non-degree-seeking student but still earn academic credit.  Students seeking to only complete the certificate program must apply and will be classified as special, non-degree seeking students.  Certificate students will register for and pay for classes in the same manner as any other student, with one major exception. In order to make the certificates more widely accessible, certificate students may take up to two classes for a certificate on an audit basis. Click here for general tuition information. The following details apply:


1. Classes taken for audit are charged at a significantly reduced rate: $75/hour.

2. Audited classes will appear on the transcript with a grade of AU. These classes cannot be
transferred into a master’s degree. (Courses not taken for audit can be transferred to a
master’s degree.)

3. To be counted towards the requirements for a certificate, an audited class must be
accompanied by certification of satisfactory completion of the class from the professor.

For more information and to apply, please contact Amber Johnson-Carter at 1-800-760-9827, ext. 4765.